Just for Brittany

Regan Smith is one of the ONLY ones left worth picking up ---- and now that you're in last place hope he helps you a bit. LOL

Danny's my helper and we need to pour cement in the back of the house and on the porch where the woodchuck keeps coming up -- besides you're in college -- why do you care??? LOL 

See, I really know how

Okey Dokey  folks, I'm finally taking time to do it again. Post, I mean. 
I'm all hot and sweaty from working outside and need to go back and finish yard work and will in a bit, but thought I'd post here first. 

It's a gorgeous day -- not too hot with a bit of a breeze and with none of the neighbors home, it's really quiet. 

Well, until Rhett opens his mouth to yell -- nothing new in that of course. Had planned on pouring cement today but my helper went to a trade show for the weekend -- he forgot to tell me last week he was going, but that's ok. We'll get r done before winter sets in. 

Our firend Bridget's coming over later for a visit and no matter what she says - she's missing her son. He's in Arizona going to college and working. Gee, guess I know how she feels. LOL 

Oh yeah, they're not my kids I'm missing -- just the GRAND type -- and they are that. The seven month old bit her brother on Tuesday to let him know she has a tooth now (shock to them all) and wouldn't let her mother even touch her mouth. Yep, she belongs in this family. 

Britt's finally feeling better and sounds to me like she's good to go -- she had me worried for a few days - about her health - not her ability to make it in college. I know she's going to wow them there. She's just going to learn it's a whole lot more laid back than her regimented classes were. My only concern there is she will become a hermit instead of meeting people and having some fun.  Then I'll have to kick butt --  hers!! 

Liked the book review and so happy she enjoyed the author. Now if the right people would only listen. Yep, uhhuh. 

Oh well, back to work while the sun's still shining.

posting my first journal

OK folks, I finally joined and am posting my first message. Happy Now??? LOL Have to admit, it's one way to stay on top of whatever it is the grandkid is doing away from home - and by the way  child - who the hell said you could swear anyway???? LOL You've finally accomplished making me feel old and granmotherish-- darn it all. You know I hate the thoughts of growing up -- oh well, guess I need to work on that one. (NO I'm not growing up --just for the record!) Right now Vicki and I are trying to corner a VERY weird dog--- going in circles, tearing around like a wild thing - and trying to chew on a cat or three. Hmmm, guess who's he like most/?????? And guess who's dumb enough to let him? Probably the same one who's crying half the time for his owner- and no I'm not joking. Have to say - it's been a pleasure being around my daughter the last week -- thank goodness for her vacation! She came back a totally changed person - for the better so I have to say thanks to her friend for giving her a better perspective about herself. We've all been trying for a long time to convince her of the same thing - but I know she needed to hear it from you - so thanks!!!!!

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